Persuader Bar

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The Persuader is a mountain touring handlebar focused on comfort. It is 800mm wide, and comes in either clear coated raw or ED coated black finish. It’s got a 50mm rise and a super comfy 30 degree back sweep. Made of triple butted, heat treated Chromoly steel, it’s got a flared 31.8mm clamp which means no shims needed! Weighing in right around 638 grams, it’s a lot of comfort for the weight. The Persuader was designed with a few ideas in mind - First, we wanted a bar that has a wide straight section next to the stem for mounting bags, so there is no forward sweep. Next, we also wanted to maximize real estate in the grip area so that you could use a variety of grip/brake lever/shifter options and leave plenty of room to trim to your desired width. The narrowest we’ve trimmed them to is 760mm, but there was still plenty of room left to go narrower. To get both a wide front section and a long grip section, we paid extra to have custom tooling made to get the bends in the bar nice and tight together. Big swoopy bends are aesthetically pleasing, but they take away from the function of a bar by occupying valuable real estate. Everybody who has tried this bar has raved about the comfort that it provides. The miles tell the tale - you can ride a lot farther on your bike when you’re comfortable. ISO Mountain tested.