About Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed Bicycle Company is a specialty bicycle company started by Daniel Molloy, a long-time bicycle mechanic who loves to explore remote places on the dirt with his bikes. Tumbleweed offers best in class bicycles and parts optimized for bikepacking and mountain bike touring. Our products have been ridden hard for thousands of miles in harsh conditions to continuously improve them and ensure that our customers can ride with full confidence anywhere in the world. Our initial bike, the Prospector, was born out of a frustration with off-the-shelf bikes that compromise function to follow industry trends or hit a price point. Since then, our portfolio of products has grown but the quality and attention to detail has stayed the same, resulting in a line of products that are of the highest quality and built to explore.

Daniel Molloy

Daniel began bike touring in 2004 and worked as a bike mechanic during college and never stopped. Always tinkering and never quite happy with off the shelf production bikes, Daniel started Tumbleweed in 2014 with no money and a lot of sleepless nights. He's developed a thick skin designing niche products that aren't fit for the mainstream.

Walt Dubensky

Walt was our first hire at Tumbleweed. He has become our primary wheel builder and also builds bikes and helps with customer service. Walt grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and has been riding bikes since he was tired of riding the bus past his favorite singletrack in the Oakland hills. His bike touring and repair skills were learned in San Diego and Colorado, with bikepacking high on the agenda. He built up a Prospector to ride when his VW Syncro isn't working, but still loves both. In the shop he likes to listen to Fela Kuti and dreams of finding a Surly Conundrum Mountain Unicycle. 

Dan Lenaghan

Dan got into biking as a respite from the subway and taxi traffic during a decade in Seoul teaching English. After getting into fixed gear city riding and touring along the many pathways in Korea and camping next to 7-11s on waterways for a number of years, he decided to make a passion into a job and returned to the US to begin tuning and selling bikes full time in San Mateo before moving to Boise. When he's not building and shipping bikes for Tumbleweed customers you can find him grumbling about traffic to Olive, the honorary shop dog, planning bikepacking rides and cruising around on his Stargazer.