Titanium Pannier Rack

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Our Pannier Rack has been updated for 2024. It's a versatile, lightweight and tough rack designed to carry cargo in a variety of ways with it's generous platform size, two side support legs to stabilize a variety of pannier bags, as well as triple mounting points for water bottles or cargo cages. We are now offering this rack in titanium, which significantly reduces weight as well as providing a worry free finish.

This rack features 10mm diameter tubing and will work with a variety of modern panniers with adjustable hardware, as well as traditional style panniers with an elastic lower hook attachment. The Pannier Rack comes in 355mm and 380mm platform heights (center of lower eyelet to center of platform) tall with a 120mm wide by 310mm long platform and allows for generous tire clearance. 

To determine which rack height to order, we recommend measuring from your lower rack mount to the top of your tire, and adding 25-50mm.

We've completely updated the overall design, but the primary and most visible changes for the new racks include:

-Completely redesigned mounting hardware to reduce the likelihood of loosening over time (You will need to still check hardware tightness regularly as with any rack)

-Two sets of extra long 350mm mounting struts, one straight and one offset to more easily fit a wider range of bikes

-Dynamo wire routing port near the light mounts, for easy wiring of dynamo headlight or tail light

-The previous Pannier Rack had a closed loop platform design, the new version has an open front like the T rack, this allows for easier installation on taller bikes, reduces the weight slightly and gives an easy dynamo wire routing option.

The Titanium Pannier Rack weighs 258 grams without hardware, and 437 grams including all mounting hardware, bolts and uncut 350mm struts. Load capacity is rated at 45lbs.

You'll need proper threaded load bearing mounting points at the dropouts and seatstays or fork crown in order to properly mount the T rack on your bike. If you don't have upper rack bosses, there are seat clamps with integrated rack mounts available. If your steel fork doesn't have upper bosses, we sell a rack adaptor that attaches to the center hole of your fork crown (depending on the style of your fork).

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